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Before applying, ask yourself this…

Does your request align with our brand values and NBC’s target audience?
Is your event being held in an area we would consider local (that might include you Lower Mainland, or you Thompson and Alberta folks). If you can find our beer in your neighborhood, we consider you our neighbors.
Have you given us a minimum of 4 weeks to process your sponsorship request? You can’t rush a good thing, and our team needs sufficient time to consider your application and ensure we want to swipe right.

Submission Rules…

Submissions must come through our online request form. Only requests that align with all of the above elements will be considered. In addition, you must be able to confirm each of the following.

  • Our event is more than 4 weeks away
  • We are located in B.C. or Alberta
  • A Nelson Brewing logo, supplied by Nelson Brewing, will be added to all promotional material
  • If serving beer at your event, it will be Nelson Brewing beer
  • Nelson Brewing will be given a minimum of one shout-out at your event
  • Our event/organization does not fundraise for, support, or market to minors
  • We understand that in order to serve alcohol at an event, we will need to obtain a liquor license

Does it sound like we align? Continue to the form.

Fill out the form & we will contact you.

Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, Max. file size: 128 MB.
If you have any supporting documents, please add them here.

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