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Culture at our core.

Our Story.

Our story begins back in 1991, where Nelson Brewery Company set up shop in the very same building that once housed the town’s original brewery over a century before. As one of the original craft breweries in BC, we were at the forefront of the craft beer movement that took off in the 2000s – the very first of its kind east of the Okanagan. To add to our historical allure, our building itself has been standing since the 1800s, a fact that lends an undeniable charm to our brand. Our beer cellar is situated a full 20 feet below ground and features a flowing creek right in the center – aptly named Ward Street Creek. Come down and raise a glass to the past, present, and future of craft beer.

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Our Promise.

Our mission is not only to brew delicious beer, but also a sense of togetherness and community in every sip. Come savour the crown jewel of the mountain – our brewery – where lifelong memories and friendships are waiting to be made.

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Every Picture tells a Story

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