Quinn Cameron

The Activity: Mountain Biking
The Beer: 405
The Story:

My ideal day includes mountain biking, beach lounging, and sipping on a cold brew in the sunshine. And speaking of beer, my go-to would be Loki Lager from the Nelson Brewing Company. It’s perfect for any occasion, from hiking summits to parking lot parties and everything in between. I’ve even brought it to Whitewater Ski Resort where I manage the bar during the winter season – it was a hit with locals and tourists alike!

But my love for Nelson doesn’t stop there. During the summers, I coordinate The Farmers Market for The City of Nelson. And with the support of my amazing community, I was able to start The Giving Tub, a fundraiser for families and youth in need during the holiday season. That’s just one example of the kindness and support you’ll find in Nelson. Nelson is filled with some of the most genuine, passionate, athletic, generous, and fun-loving people around. Not to mention all the amazing food (hello, pizza!) and endless access to hiking and biking trails.

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