Sam Kuch

The Activity: Skiing, Exploring
The Beer: 403
The Story:

If I had to pick my favourite outdoor activity, I’d say skiing in the winter and exploring old abandoned places in the summer. There’s something exhilarating about shredding down a mountain with the crisp winter air on your face and the snow underneath your skis. And in the summer, there’s nothing quite like discovering hidden gems tucked away in the wilderness of BC and imagining the stories behind the abandoned walls. But let’s be real, after a long day of adventure, nothing beats kicking back with a cold Hooligan Pilsner from NBC. And the best part? I get to represent my community as a professional skier out of Nelson, coaching the Whitewater Freeride team and soaking in all the small-town vibes that make this place so special. Nelson may be small, but it’s got a big heart and city energy that keeps me here.

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